The True Causes of Heart Disease are Not What You Think!

Finally got hold of the man who more than anyone, has deep-dived into the root causes of heart disease – without bias – just fixated with finding the truth. I’m of course referring to Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, who has created the 65-part (and growing) series “What Causes Heart Disease?“.
See index below for a gist of what we covered (hint – it was A LOT!)


00:00:40 Are the causes we talk about “necessary and sufficient”?

00:04:45 What does Sickle Cell Disease prove about heart disease cause?

00:09:33 Kawasaki Disease illuminates the true causes of heart disease

00:14:45 Vein/artery differences, blood pressure & turbulence – speak volumes

00:20:14 Damage and repair – it’s the imbalance that is the problem

00:24:34 Steroids, inflammation and …Cushing’s Disease – what do they say?

00:28:12 Blood glucose, insulin resistance and their effects – a pivotal axis

00:31:54 Pollution, leaded petrol – and the surprising effect of Chelation

00:35:50 Bias, homocysteine, drug treatments – and the research world behaving badly

00:46:01 LDL importance…versus blood clotting factors

00:49:40 Atherosclerosis is the result of endothelial damage & blood clotting processes –root mechanisms

00:53:08 Sun, Nitric Oxide – and taking Viagra…!

00:56:53 Magnesium, salts, nitric oxide – and why your arteries fail you

01:02:06 Blood clotting is at the very core of heart disease – deep-dive

01:09:05 LDL, Lp(a) – and what cholesterol crystals in plaque really say!

01:15:05 Lp(a0, Vitamin C and Plasminogen – putting it all together

01:22:45 Familial Hypercholesterolemia….and what’s actually occurring all along

01:25:39 The mechanisms of statins and other drugs – beyond the old LDL story

01:34:48 “Well, they can’t all be wrong, can they?” – but history has shown how often this has been the case

01:43:04 We’re building a cathedral of wisdom – at least on the root causes of heart disease!